1. 09:00 - 12:00 Tracey Lange
  2. 12:00 - 15:00 Ryan O'Connor

At 35, Tertius Nyawose is set to achieve his lifelong dream. He is now a qualified attorney. He started working at the age of 13 in Port Shepstone, to help out his mom, who was very poor and couldn’t make ends meet, from her meagre wages as a school caretaker. When he failed matric he thought his dreams of becoming a lawyer were dashed. Ashamed of the failure, he ran away from home and lived with a relative in Gauteng, where he took up several jobs, while repeating his matric at a night school. One of the jobs he did was being a personal trainer.

That’s where Nikiwe Bikitsha met him 8 years ago, which was when he shared his dream of becoming a lawyer. It’s been years of struggle and sacrifice, but now
the stocky and sinewy muscled fitness trainer, will exchange his tracksuits for dark suits. They sat down together recently and to hear the result, click below...

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