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(This interview happened on 24 October 2019.)

A young man intending to travel to the UK on a paid-for holiday package contacted consumer journalist Wendy Knowler.

He was left disappointed after his visa application failed.

His R25 000 package included tickets to see Manchester United, flights and accommodation.

On top of that, the visa application cost R1853.

(For more detail about this case, scroll down to the audio to listen to Knowler’s account.)

Get “visa denial insurance”

Insurance products exist that cover you if your visa application fails and you, therefore, can’t travel.

Picture credit: VIN JD

If your visa is denied resulting in your international journey being cancelled, we will pay for or reimburse you the non-refundable portions of travel or accommodation for which you are legally liable.

a "visa denial insurance" clause

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviewed Knowler about visa denial insurance.

Listen to the interview in the audio below.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Travelling overseas? It’s becoming vital to get 'visa denial insurance'

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