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Office Anthems with Tracey Lange

Spice up your workday with Kfm Office Anthems with Tracey Lange

Being in the office, means 8 hours of work and a little office banter. Now you and your colleagues can have even more fun, working and listening to the songs you love. Kfm Office Anthems is here to bring the good vibes to offices across the Western Cape.

So now you can stop spending data and money downloading and streaming music. Simply tell us where you work and the songs you want to hear in the office below. If we select your playlist, you also get to give your colleagues a shout out LIVE on air, before Tracey plays your jams.

Office Anthems with Tracey Lange on Kfm 94.5, weekdays at 10.15am. The most music to make you feel great.

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