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Time in the Saddle is a podcast series hosted by avid cyclist and radio veteran, Ryan O’Connor focusing on all things exciting in the world of cycling. In the twenty-sixth episode, Ryan, Jason and special guests talk enduro cycling and safety gear.

It's time for another action-packed episode of Time In The Saddle with Ryan O'Connor. This week, Ryan is joined by Jason Lind and special guests, Rupert von Tutschek and Paul Meddle to talk about safety equipment such as helmets, neck bracelets and gloves for enduro cycling.

Talking about enduro cycling, Ryan asks "is there any kind of etiquette in terms of going downhill?

In racing, we do leave a gap because if you can see the guy in front of you, it does advantage the rider at the back.

Rupert von Tutschek – Swindon Property

When it comes to safety equipment, Ryan believes that more enduro cyclists are taking appropriate measures to stay safe on downhill trails.

We've actually reduced concussion levels with the tech inside our helmets.

Ryan Meddle – Leatt, Protective Neck Braces, Body Armour & Sports Gear

You can push the limits and still stay safe.

Ryan Meddle – Leatt, Protective Neck Braces, Body Armour & Sports Gear

To cleat or not to cleat? The guys end the podcast off with a conversation about cleats but, Ryan wants to know – "how do you keep the grip without cleats on?"

Listen to Ryan O’Connor in conversation with his good friend and cyclist, Jason Lind as they discuss all things cycling in the twenty-sixth episode of Time in the Saddle.

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