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Time in the Saddle is a podcast series hosted by avid cyclist and radio veteran, Ryan O’Connor focusing on all things exciting in the world of cycling. In the ninth episode, Ryan talks all things from the cyclist tan to the importance of helmets with cyclist, Chris Willemse Jnr.

In this week's episode, Ryan O’Connor and Chris Willemse Jnr chat to Mark Sternberg from Cool Heat SA about all things helmets, sunblock, rides in the saddle and the cyclist tan.

Kicking off the conversation, Ryan jokes about the dreaded Cyclist Tan – an outline of sunburnt skin that some cyclist consider a badge of honour.

It's something you have to get used when you're a professional cyclist and you spend that amount of time in the saddle.

Chris Willemse Jnr – Chris Willemse Cycles

Should you replace a cracked helmet? The short answer is Yes.

It needs to be 100% perfect without any cracks. To be wearing a helmet that you've either dropped or fallen on previously in a slight accident... you are taking a big risk by riding with a helmet that's not 100% safe.

Mark Sternberg – Cool Heat SA

Listen to Ryan O’Connor in conversation with his good friend and cyclist, Chris Willemse Jnr as they discuss all things cycling in the ninth episode of Time in the Saddle.

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