1. 15:00 - 19:00 The Flash Drive with Carl Wastie
  2. 19:00 - 22:00 KFM Nights with Brandon Leigh

Time in the Saddle is a podcast series hosted by avid cyclist and radio veteran, Ryan O’Connor focusing on all things exciting in the world of cycling.

In this episode, Ryan is joined by Jason Lind, and Liezel van der Westhuizen.

They are also joined by three members of the Hippocampus team - A group of 30 medical students from Stellenbosch University embarking on a 1000km cycle from the Northern Cape down to Cape Agulhas to raise money through the Nkululeko Fund for friends and fellow students to reduce their financial burden.

The idea for Hippocampus came from personal experiences in their student community where they realized that all students have equal opportunities, but not equal resources to benefit from those opportunities.

To learn more or donate, visit: www.hippocampusteam.co.za

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Time in the Saddle podcast episodes are released weekly, on Thursdays.

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