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The City of Cape Town has warned residents about a fake WhatsApp message making the rounds.

The hoax makes mention of a "hurricane-type storm" expected to hit Cape Town overnight on Thursday.

The City of Cape Town's disaster risk team says the fake message has caused unnecessary panic and resulted in overwhelming call volumes which may disrupt essential services.

It's clogging up our lines and the people who actually need the hep aren't getting through.

Mandy Thomas, Spokesperson at Disaster Risk Management Centre

Residents are advised to call 107 (landlines) or 021 480 7700 (cellphones) for any emergencies.

The hoax message comes a day after the SA Weather Service issued a warning about heavy downpours.

Senior forecaster at the SA Weather Services, Lebogang Makgati, warns that there are legal ramifications for sharing this fake information.

Any persons found circulating the hoax can face serious penalties, she explains.

The South African Weather Services is the only authorised body to issue weather warnings in South Africa.

Lebogang Makgati, Senior forecaster at South African Weather Services

An investigation is underway to trace the source of the message.

Visit the South African Weather Services website for credible information.

Below is the fake message being circulated on WhatsApp:

Take a listen to the discussion:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : ALERT: WhatsApp message on 'hurricane storm' in Cape Town is fake

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