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CAPE TOWN - The Western Cape Local Government Department says it is working hard to encourage water saving across the province.

This as the average dam level has dropped to 31%.

Average dam capacity dropped about 1.6% since last week.

The Western Cape Local Government and Environmental Affairs Department’s James Brent-Styan says the average dam level was about 10% higher at this time last year.

“Last year was not a great year, this year is even worse. We’re concerned about the current status.”

Brent-Styan says they remain concerned about water consumption with the rainy season still months away.

“It’s very serious and in some areas we’re at a crisis level which is why we’ve had five municipalities declared disaster areas.”

The City of Cape Town will on Tuesday outline its medium to long term water resource planning.

A screen grab from capetown.gov.za showing this week's (27 February) dam level

A screen grab from capetown.gov.za showing the six major dams


The Water and Sanitation Department on Monday confirmed that the Vaal Dam has reached full capacity, the highest it’s been in six years.

The dam has been rising steadily over the past few months, with levels reaching over 86% last week.

The recent heavy rains have pushed dam levels up to 100%.

(Edited by Zamangwane Shange)

This article first appeared on EWN : Average dam level drops to 31% in Western Cape



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