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Tourists to Cape Town need to be reminded about the current water crisis and level 3B water restrictions.

This comes after complaints about visitors who have been carelessly wasting water at their places of accommodation.

Hospitality association Fedhasa has started a process to encourage its members to share water-saving tips.

Acting Chairperson of the Fedhasa Cape Board Jeff Rosenberg says a joint effort and awareness campaign is needed to highlight the severity of the water situation.

He advises that a meeting is planned for several bodies and associations to gather and discuss and implement sustainability measures.

We want to get a bigger reach, beyond our members. We need to push on an make people aware.

Jeff Rosenberg, Acting Chairperson of the Fedhasa Cape Board

He notes hotels and establishments such as Tsogo Sun which are saving water by cutting back on washing towels and linen every day.

At the same time, local accommodation Once in Cape Town has also put in place water-saving measures in bathrooms and has urged guests to do their part.

Visit our #WaterWatch feature for more articles on the water crisis and how you can help make a difference.

Take a listen to the water-saving tips:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape hospitality groups cut back on splashy habits to save water



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