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The City of Cape Town's level 3B water restrictions are in full force from today onwards, and establishments in the Mother City are continuing to play their part to save water.

The new restrictions included the following:

  • New restrictions for potable water include no washing of vehicles, boats, and buses.

  • No use of hosepipes and only buckets and watering cans allowed.

  • Pools need to be covered throughout the day with covers.

Here are the full Level 3B water restrictions outlined by the City.

Meanwhile, the Gatesville Mosque is saving water by adjusting the ablution rules from cleansing three times a day for prayer to only once a day.

This will see the saving of two thirds of water typically used by the mosque of almost 3000 worshipers.

Spokesperson Sataar Parker explains that the mosque's 72 taps have been adjusted with a saving device.

Water is regarded as sacred in the Muslim community and wasting water is regarded as a major sin in the Islamic ethos.

Sataar Parker, Spokesperson and Chairman of the Board of Trust at Gatesville Mosque

He says the directive has been given by the imam and has been embraced by worshipers at the mosque.

At the same time, Mark Adrian Hair Design salon is also curbing water wastage.

Salon owner Mark Timms says the establishment has converted to water-saving showering heads and have found an innovative way to reduce the number of hair washes per client.

The average we save is about 110 litres a day just on men's hair... It was 12.5 litres per client and I've cut it down to 1.7 litres per client.

Mark Timms, owner of Mark Adrian Hair Design

Timms is encouraging other salon owners to avoid rinse out processes and replace them with leave-in conditioners.

Visit our #WaterWatch feature for more articles on the water crisis and how you can help make a difference.

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