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The City of Cape Town has collected R33 million in tariffs between the November and December 2016 - almost R32 million in December alone.

Barry Wood, Manager for City of Cape Town's Bulk Water, Water and Sanitation Department says the City is not trying to make a profit out of this but rather aims to ensure people adhere to the restrictions imposed by the City.

He insists these are not fines, but a higher tariff bracket for overuse of water above the City's imposed limits. He does, however, acknowledge there is a punitive element.

We believe that a lot of people when they get their January billings will re-evaluate their water usage.

Barry Wood, Manager City of Cape Town Bulk Water, Water and Sanitation Dept

The City has yet to meet its target of 800 million liters. Wood says they have now recorded 890 million litres and are still pursuing the target set.

To hear a full explanation of the higher water tariff penalties, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape residents billed over R31 million in December for water overusage



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