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As Western Cape's dam levels continue to drop, the landscaping and gardening sector have been negatively affected by what has been described as the worst drought to hit the province.

Morne Faulhammer, owner of Super Plants says it has been extremely difficult to stay afloat especially when no one knows when the rain will come.

It is beyond our control and has far reaching effects for the entire industry not only garden centres... It affects livelihoods.

Morne Faulhammer, owner of Super Plants

Many of the garden centres have reported retail drop in turn over from anything between 30% and 60%, which is huge for any business.

Morne Faulhammer, owner of Super Plants

Faulhammer says unfortunately they had to close down one of the long standing branches in Bothasig due to the effects of the drought in the Western Cape.

He says it will also be difficult to recruit horticultural students who would like to do their in service training at these centres.

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape's garden centres hard hit by drought



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