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Dr Kevin Winter of the Future Water Institute chats to CapeTalk's Africa Melane about the new Level 5 water restrictions introduced on Sunday morning.

Fines of between R5 and 10 000 for water guzzlers and water pressure management is on the list.

He hopes the measures help.

I hope the City isn't just trying to apply a draconian measure here but also trying to find out why it is that domestic households may be close to 20kl a month or more.

Dr Kevin Winter, researcher Future Water

He says there is not a great deal of rain on the horizon. Thursday will see some rain but no big storms are pending.

It is the end of our rainfall effectively.

Dr Kevin Winter, researcher Future Water

There are lessons learned from around the world regarding water pressure, he says.

It is being done gently as I understand it, and will be a testing to see what happens.

Dr Kevin Winter, researcher Future Water

There may be times very little water comes through the pipes and this is untested territory for Cape Town.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Cape Town: "It is the end of our winter rainfall effectively"



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