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City of Cape Town Deputy Mayor, Ian Neilson, says the City has proposed a 55% water tariff increase.

Speaking to Kieno Kammies, Neilson says the increase will be from R26 to R40 per kilolitre.

We are re-looking at this situation, we are looking at rephrasing some of the work in that water department so we can bring down that overall requirement of 27%.

Ian Neilson, City of Cape Town Deputy

We are focusing very strongly on whatever savings we can achieve so we can put down that tariff because we do realise that is is excessive.

Ian Neilson, City of Cape Town Deputy

Nelson says they are taking this proposed tariff hike seriously and they welcome all input.

Liston to more on the tariff increases...

This article first appeared on 702 : City of Cape Town proposing a 55% water tariff hike

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