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Dr Roger Parsons is a Hydro-Geologist and an expert on groundwater extraction.

City of Cape Town Mayor, Patricia de Lille held a media briefing to share the City’s 'Water Resilience Plan' on Thursday. She announced new augmentation schemes which include desalination plants and aquifers which aims to produce an additional 500 million litres of water per day.

There are four areas identified for this extraction namely; Silwerstroomstrand, Cape Flats, Cape Peninsula and Hottentots Holland.

I did a very quick calculation and made an assumption that we can drill boreholes that yield five litres a second.

Dr Roger Parsons, Hydro-Geologist and expert on groundwater extraction

To realise a hundred megalitres a day, the City is going to have to drill something like two hundred fifty boreholes before the summer arrives in its full glory. I think thats a very tall order.

Dr Roger Parsons, Hydro-Geologist and expert on groundwater extraction

Parsons explains that the procurement processes are incredibly restricted which is likely to hamper the pace of acquiring the water. He adds that not having enough drilling contractors will pose a challenge for the city.

If we want to try and help the City meet its target we need to start now says Parsons. He adds that he believes groundwater will play a role even though the process may face some obstacles.

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This article first appeared on 702 : City of Cape turns to groundwater to try curb its water crisis



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