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As drought grips large parts of South Africa, the importance of groundwater as a secure source of water for domestic and agricultural needs has become clear.

Cape Town's dams are at 33% of their total capacity. If the water level falls below 20% it can no longer be pumped out.

CapeTalk Breakfast host, Kieno Kamies, finds out from chairman of the Western Cape Groundwater Division, Dr Roger Parsons, if underground water can be usable for agriculture and domestic needs.

Parsons says Cape Town residents have to change their water use patterns or will soon face a crisis.

He says the drought has not affected the ground water significantly in Cape Town.

By in large, the quality of water in the Cape Town area is reasonably good, there is nothing in it that I would think will impact the ability to mix concrete.

Dr Roger Parsons, Western Cape Groundwater Division

Listen to Dr Roger Parsons explain the uses of groundwater...

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : CT drought has no significant affect on underground water - Groundwater Division



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