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One additional Western Cape school will have smart water-saving device installed, thanks to South Africa's leading producers of pork products, Eskort.

Eskort is the latest business to pledge towards the Smart Water Meter Challenge.

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Shoprite Group has partnered with CapeTalk and other companies to install water-monitoring devices at 100 Cape schools.

The project is expected to save millions of litres of water at Cape Town’s top 100 high-volume water-using schools.

R 30 000 per school is required for the project. This includes the smart water meter installation, plumbing interventions, and maintenance for one year.

Organisations are encouraged to sponsor at least on school in the province, with over 128 additional schools sponsored so far.

Click here to find out how make a corporate pledge towards the Smart Water Meter Challenge.

Take a listen to Eskort Brand manager Damaine Rautenbach describe their support for the project:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Eskort sponsors smart water meter for WC school

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