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The dams in Cape Town are looking much better than they did this time last year.

We are currently sitting at 67.4% full compared to the 35.2% of the combined level recorded in 2017.

Hydro-climatologist at Climate System Analysis Group at UCT, Piotr Wolski says although the dams are looking good, Capetonians should not rush to want to go back to the old ways of using water.

He says consumption should be kept low until we are out of the woods.

If Capetonians go back to their old ways of consuming water, the dams will be below 20% by May next year, says Wolski.

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Consumption varies from season to season and if we start consuming our old normal amount of water from now on when it gets hotter and there's an increased amount of irrigation then we will release our drawing from the dams quite considerably.

Piotr Wolski Hydro-Climatologist at Climate System Analysis Group at UCT

Wolski says the rain season is almost over and if we are lucky we could get another 5% added to the dams but not more than that, unless if something unusual happens.

He says if we continue with the restrictions and using water sparingly it could take another year to bring the dam levels to 100%.

To hear the rest of the water discussions with Piotr Wolski, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Experts predict it could take another year to get dam levels in CT to 100%

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