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Cape Town residents are concerned that some people might be lying about having boreholes and grey water systems by using fake signs.

They say some some signs look like they were just designed at a printing shop and demand to know what the city's official signs look like.

CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies spoke to Barry Wood, Manager: Bulk Water, Water and Sanitation for the City of Cape Town’s Utility Services Directorate.

Wood says for residents to have the city's official sign, they need to be registered.

The registration process is very simple he says. You go to the city's website, provide your name, address and the city of Cape Town account number. You will need to specify whether you have a borehole or wellpoint.

Before you receive the official sign you will be notified two weeks after registration acknowledging your application. Thereafter the city official will drop off your sign and may ask to see the borehole, wellpoint or your grey water system.

Wood says only the city is authorised to print the signs and each has a special registration number on them.

The official city sign is white, has red writing on it and the registration number is black

Barry Wood, Manager: Bulk Water, Water and Sanitation for the City of Cape Town

According to Wood, the city is considering intensifying water restrictions due to critically low dam levels. He says while they won't increase to level 4 status as yet, but they will ban several things including the use of buckets to water gardens.

To hear more on this discussion, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Find out what the city-approved borehole sign looks like



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