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Cape Town's Grand West Casino has unveiled its new water treatment plant at its premises in Goodwood.

The plant will allow the entertainment venue to be completely off the municipal water grid.

The project cost R18 million.
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We thought to ourselves, what if there is really no water? What if Day Zero becomes a reality? What should we be doing in the short and long term?

Mervyn Naidoo, GM of GrandWest

Our plant can deliver 10 000 kilolitres per month, which is more than sufficient to sustain the whole of Grand West and it cost us R18 million and the pay back is just over 32 months.

Mervyn Naidoo, GM of GrandWest

As a responsible corporate citizen we had to do something and our effort means there is more supply for the citizens of Cape Town.

Mervyn Naidoo, GM of GrandWest

To hear the rest of the conversation with Grand West GM, Mervyn Naidoo, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Grand West launches water purification plant to be completely off the grid

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