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Growthpoint, with over 400 properties nationally and globally, have geared up their operations to ensure efficient water usage, thanks to stringent water audits and sophisticated water-saving measures.

Bayside Mall in Blaauwberg, which received the Energy Efficiency Forum award for Large Building Retrofit for its sustainability initiatives, commissioned a grey water system of 60 000l storage tanks on top of the mall, back in 2014.

It harvests rain water collected on the large roof area of the mall. This is then stored in the tanks and gravity fed into the bathrooms and other areas needing water throughout the complex.

In our total office portfolio... just for the month we saved over 29 million liters of water. What did we do? We bench-marked our properties, did water audits, trained our building management to make sure the irrigation is on at certain times in the day and then we found a lot of leaks ... using specialised equipment.

Werner van Antwerpen, Growthpoint's Head of Sustainability and Utilities

Listen to Kieno Kammies talking to Werner van Antwerpen, Head of Sustainability and Utilities at Growthpoint:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Growthpoint Properties reduces water consumption #WaterWatch



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