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Water-saving tips have been a topic of discussion this week, following the announcement that level 3 water restrictions are looming for Cape Town.

A listener has suggested that Capetonians invest in natural pools as an alternative to standard chlorinated pools.

Wetland pools are natural swimming pools which filter water through a wetland to keep it clean and clear.

wetlandPOOL founder Anthony Philbrick explains that they design custom pools and convert existing physical structures.

The pools imitate natural ecosystems and produce chemical-free, soft water with an organic filter.

While costs are relative to the pool design, Philbrick says an entry level conversion starts at R50 000 and could save residents in the long run.

According Philbrick, home owners with such pools can reduce water wastage and save on back-washing through filters.

He also says that the water in the pool is not polluted, and could be consumed if need be.

The pools are divided into the swimming area and the wetland. If separated, the areas can be joined by streams or waterfalls on many different levels.

Philbrick advises that the return on the investment is long term, and can be measured after five years.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : How converting to wetland pools could curb long-term water wastage



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