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Various suburbs and informal settlements alike across the City of Cape Town have been heavily affected by downpours that hit the Mother City over the weekend.

Mayoral committee member for transport and urban development, Brett Heron, says the City's the Disaster Risk Management Centre and Roads and Stormwater Department have been working around the clock to assist those affected by the flooding.

He says there are no reports of families or individuals that were evacuated form their homes as a result of flooding.

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What we have seen is a lot of property damage. Although we haven't seen this much rainfall in year or two, we do prepare for heavy rainfall in the months proceeding the rainfall by clearing the drain water systems.

Brett Herron, Mayco for Transport

The heavy rainfall an d heavy winds does cause the dislodgement of debris which blocks the drainage system... human intervention does also cause blockage...

Brett Herron, MAYCO for Transport

Heron urges residents not to dump rubbish in the storm water systems and to remove debris from their properties before it makes its way into the systems.

The city will experience more flooding as the heavy rains are expected to continue into Monday.

There are reports of ice on the roads in areas such as Boyes Drive and drivers are urged to drive carefully.

To hear the rest of the interview with Mayco member Brett Herron, listen below:

Watch CNN's Derek van Dam's overview of how we staved off Day Zero:

Cape Town Avoids Day Zero

Cape Town avoids “Day Zero” through 2019 as healthy winter rains begin to fill the dams and reservoirs. CNN Meteorologist Derek Van Dam explains.

Posted by CNN Weather on Sunday, 1 July 2018

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