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Alan Winde, Western Cape MEC of Economic Opportunities, will pay a site visit to the Leeu River Diversion Weir which diverts water to the Voelvlei Dam, where emergency maintenance work will be done to increase water supply to the Cape Town water supply system.

Winde says it is the national government's responsibility to maintain the infrastructure which diverts water from some rivers into the Voelvlei Dam.

Section 4 of the water act gives them that competency.

Alan Winde, Western Cape MEC for Economic Opportunities

Winde explains that with the Western Cape's dire water levels, many municipalities face water shortages. He says they now have to save and collect every single raindrop.

Winde adds that they are removing sand from the weir, which is set to significantly increase the water supply of the Voelvlei Dam.

We estimate, that we probably will be able to save up to another month or two of water.

Alan Winde, Western Cape MEC for Economic Opportunities

Through the emergency procedure, under the declaration of disaster, I got treasury to agree to give me another R2.5 million says Winde.

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This article first appeared on 702 : Leeu River Weir undergoes maintenance to increase WC water supply



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