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The amount of water used to flush a toilet can vary, with a standard loo consuming up to 13 liters per flush.

Arumloo Business Manager, Debbie Harris explains the architect behind the Arumloo which is an innovative toilet capable of flushing less than two liters of water.

Could this be a new era in toilet efficiency? You could be part of that story, 2 days to go until the Armuloo...

Posted by Isidima Design and Development on Monday, 13 February 2017

While the low-flush toilet exhibits the features of a regular toilet bowl, Harris says the system is specifically designed in the form of an Arum Lily so that the water is flushed effectively.

The vortex which is the best natural way of getting things down - in the toilet the water is able to flush the pan effectively without using too much water.

Arumloo Business Manager, Debbie Harris

The other difference is the trap - which is the pipe is a slightly different shape and this means that the after seal can use less water and we are producing new water to flush the toilet as well.

Arumloo Business Manager, Debbie Harris

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : New toilet flushes under 2 litres of water (inspired by an Arum Lily)



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