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LiquidGold is a company that believes they have what it takes to save the much-needed water and impact lives by using specially designed toilets that collect urine.

CEO and founder at LiquidGold Orion Herman says this could be a solution to pit toilet problems South Africa is currently faced with.

The company has designed unique gender-neutral urinate-only toilets which are 100 percent waterless and hygienic.

Once the containers are full, they are removed and transported to a plant where fertiliser is produced from urine.

The facility saves up to 9 litres of water per flush and more importantly it eradicate pit toilets from the open system to something that is closed, safe and more functional.

Orion Herman, CEO and founder of LiquidGold

We take a 12-foot container, divide it between girls and boys. With our technology, it is deployed onsite and connected to a collection tank in less than six weeks. It is 50 percent cheaper than your conventional system....

Orion Herman, CEO and founder of LiquidGold

We charge R190 000 for a full container, fitted with rubberised floors, windows, doors including a twelve months service and more importantly we create jobs.

Orion Herman, CEO and founder of LiquidGold

Liquid Gold aims to roll out about 1 000 of their urinals fitted into a shipping container to schools across the country.

To hear the rest of the conversation on LiquidGold, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : New toilet system hopes to eradicate dangerous pit toilets in schools

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