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(Also read: "[Update] Weather SA predicts even more rain than before for Cape Town on Tuesday.")

How is the water crisis in Cape Town affecting business?

How are businesses responding?

The Money Show’s Bruce Whitfield interviews Wesgro CEO Tim Harris.

Listen to the interview in the audio below (and/or scroll down for quotes from it).

Residents of Cape Town has cut water consumption in half in two years… That’s quite extraordinary… We can head off this tragedy…

Tim Harris, Wesgrow

Almost 70% of water consumed…. is happening at residential level…

Tim Harris, Wesgrow

Many businesses are showing an incredible understanding…

Tim Harris, Wesgrow

International tourists make up 1% of Cape Town’s population… We’ve seen an incredible response from tourists…

Tim Harris, Wesgrow

The Cape Town Cycle Tour will be water neutral.

Tim Harris, Wesgrow

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This article first appeared on 702 : How Cape Town businesses are living and dying amid the city's worst drought ever

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