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Old Mutual unveiled their water filtration plant at its head offices in Pinelands, where it will be able to treat "black" water (ie. toilet water) to get to drinking water standards... essentially recycling all its water.

Old Mutual National Technical Manager, Khiyam Fredericks says the system filtrates anything that goes down the drain.

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If it is down any sink or something connected to the sewage system, we have installed something that catches all our sewage and pumps it back to the plant and is recycled to drinking standard.

Khiyam Fredericks, Old Mutual National Technical Manager

He says they have managed to bring down their water consumption to about 30% of their total consumption.

The Old Mutual Water Filtration plant will save the City of Cape Town 15 million litres of water per month, which is up to 450 000 litres per day.

What we are paying for water is not completely zero as in every system there are losses. We cannot put a 100 litres of water into the system and get 100 litres of drinking water back.

Old Mutual National Technical Manager

What we are doing is we are topping up our system with grey water that the city supplies us.

Old Mutual National Technical Manager

Our system has about 80% efficiency meaning we can put 80% of what we put in the system and get it back, and 25% is from the grey water site.

Old Mutual National Technical Manager

To hear the rest of the conversation with Khiyam Fredericks, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Old Mutual to help save 15 million liters of water per month

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