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Airbnb, Cape Nature and the Western Cape provincial government will distribute 2 300 low-flow shower heads to its guesthouses, B&B’s and Airbnb hosts across the province.

This is an initiative that will help save the Western Cape 70 million litres of water a year, says Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro.

Harris says the initiative came after a survey showed that about 25% of the establishments had water saving shower heads. About 67% of the establishments indicated that they would love to have those shower heads installed.

We thought there was an opportunity here. So we asked them if they will be able to collect the shower head from a central point and they agreed.

Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro

Yesterday, MEC Alan Winde announced the launch of this campaign where we going to distribute these shower heads along with our partners.

Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro

Harris says for this campaign Airbnb has committed to distribute 500 shower heads.

We are sending a message that Cape Town is open to all tourists and we are expecting a busy season.

Tim Harris, CEO of Wesgro

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This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Over 2 000 water saving shower heads to be rolled-out in Cape guest houses



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