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Cape Town is now on Level 3 water restrictions due to rain scarcity and continued low dam levels.

The Level 3 water restrictions requires those with swimming pools to have a pool cover to reduce water evaporation, but which pool covers are good and affordable?

According to Caryn Formby, CEO of Power Plastics, there are fifteen types of pool covers.

If you want to cover your pool for water evaporation there is a fantastic product called Geo-Bubble pool cover and that's what the majority of people in Cape Town are going for at the moment.

Caryn Formby, CEO of Power Plastics

The cost of a pool cover depends on the size of a swimming pool but Formby says it's in the range of R1000 - R10 000.

If you get caught without a cover, you could be fined up to R5 000.

The pool cover saves between 97 - 98% of water, says Formby.

Listen to more tips on how to save water by using pool covers:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Pool covers are now mandatory



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