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As water restrictions intensify throughout the country, businesses and organisations are stepping up to do things differently and save water.

Over the past weeks, citizens have shared their water saving stories and businesses are implementing innovative techniques.

Now this pre-school in Somerset West, Cape Town is involving their little learners in a new project.

Justine Renault, director and principal of Kids Company in Somerset West, explains.

She says by the end of last year the school playground looked like a wasteland. They decided to lay lawn but needed to find a method of keeping it alive without breaking water restrictions.

We have taken away our hand-washing system. We have put little buckets at the bottom that collect the water every single time out children wash their hands.

Justine Renault, director and principal of Kids Company

The children then have the responsibility of replacing the bucket and carrying their little bucket outside and pouring it onto our lawn.

The school did not think it would make such a big difference initially.

But it has been such a visual indicator to the children of what a difference they can make because the lawn is growing beautifully. And I was amazed how much water we had been wasting... and it is amazing to see these little people carrying their little blue buckets around.

Justine Renault, director and principal of Kids Company

She says staff mark areas on the lawn in particular need of water with hula hoops and the children make sure those spots are well watered.

Listen to this inspiring water saving story here:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Preschool kids nifty recycling water project reaps rewards



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