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Level 4 water restrictions took effect on Thursday 1 June.

This week's dam level are sitting at 19.7%, meaning there's about 9% of usable water left.

What are big property companies doing to make sure tenants and other businesses are saving water and not wasting the precious resource?

Grant Elliot, the Western Cape regional manager at Redefine Properties spoke to CapeTalk's Kieno Kammies about some of the alternatives they've put in place to save water.

Redefine Properties focuses on owning, developing and managing quality properties in the City.

We have been harvesting other means of water like ground water. In one of our buildings on the Foreshore, we pump about 80 000 litres of water out of the basement of that building.

Grant Elliot, Regional manager in the Western Cape at Redefine Properties

To hear more of this interview, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Property business doing their bit to save water



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