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The South African Breweries’ (SAB) is investing in additional infrastructure to curb the growing number of people collecting water from the Newlands Spring.

John Stenslunde, General Manager of Newlands Brewery, tells Africa Melane that they have taken up this task because of the growing number of complaints from the public, who say that the water is being tapped for commercial use.

We're trying to raise awareness via this press statement to ask the public to cooperate and support and ensure there is equitable access to the water.

John Stenslunde, General Manager, Newlands Brewery

We've already installed additional taps that people can draw water from, from the spring collection point.

John Stenslunde, General Manager, Newlands Brewery

Stenslunde says that Newlands Spring will be monitored using CCTV camera's and additional lighting to ensure safety in the area.

Signage and a contact number will also be installed so that those abusing the resources can be reported.

In terms of the Water Act, you cannot extract water for commercial use unless you have a valid permit for extraction, that's part of the Water Act for the country.

John Stenslunde, General Manager, Newlands Brewery

Stenslunde says they have taken advice from the City, Department of Water and Sanitation on what would be a reasonable limit to get people to adhere to.

He says, they will rely on the Department of Water Affairs to deal with those that are extracting unreasonable amounts from the spring.

For more information on how to lawfully take water from a water resource, people are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the applicable legislation or they can contact the Department of Water and Sanitation.

Listen to the rest of the interview in the clip below:

This article first appeared on 702 : SAB urges public to stop abusing free water at Newlands Spring



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