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You might have a handle on how your household is managing to conserve water, but what happens at your child's school?

At the end of May, Kieno Kammies spoke to Stellenbosch University's Professor Thinus Booysen about how he helped schools identify their problem areas and reduce their water bill.

Booysen, a senior lecturer in the department of electrical and electronic engineering, expanded how his project assisted five schools cut down on their water usage.

He says they latch a smart meter on to the school's municipal water supply and from that device, they provided them with time of use of the water and addressed concerning volumes.

For example, we look at what happens during break times or in the middle of the day to identify leaks.

Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University lecturer

We've handed out printed cards, posters and informative emails to teachers and students to help them understand where the water is going as well as how much they are consuming.

Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University lecturer

The urinals each consume about one kilolitre a day.

Thinus Booysen, Stellenbosch University lecturer

Booysen says their biggest success was reducing 20 kilolitres a day at school by simply closing the taps at night.

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