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A lack of proactive water education is one of the reasons why Cape Town residents have not adopted enough water-wise practices, says researcher Richard Holden.

Holden argues that high consumption levels in affluent communities sows the lack of awareness.

We're doing too little too late. People have not been educated and they don't value water.

Richard Holden, Water and Sanitation Expert

We don't value water in South Africa at all. You can see by the high usage in up-market suburbs.

Richard Holden, Water and Sanitation Expert

WATCH: Vlogger claims billions of litres of usable water in underground tunnels

Holden says that the underground spring water highlighted in a recent video will make very little difference to Cape Town's water consumption.

Take a listen to his views:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : There's been no proactive water education to show why every drop counts - expert



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