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Cape Town businesses have been sharing how they are helping save water during these drought-stricken times.

Kieno Kammies spoke to Colin Devenish V&A Waterfront Executive Manager of Operations to find out what the iconic tourist attraction the V&A Waterfront is doing to save water.

We have been on this journey for the last 5 or 6 years already and our water savings if I look back from 2010, to our current consumption, our saving has been 25% on consumption.

Colin Devenish V&A Waterfront Executive Manager of Operations

He says V&A used to consume about 3.5 kilolitres per square metre and that has reduced to 2.6 kilolitres of developed area and they intend to push that further down..

They have identified areas that are the largest consumers of water.

Air conditioning is by far the biggest consumer and in that case, we look at how do we reduce our consumption. We've used sea water to do our air conditioning now.

Colin Devenish V&A Waterfront Executive Manager of Operations

They no longer build cooling towers on the roofs of the new developments but use sea water instead. We definitely using sea water going forward.

This alone saves the V&A about 9000 kilolitres of water a month.

Irrigation is the other big water consumer and they are moving plants over to indigenous flora - and they also use drip irrigation system.

Underground pressure valves have been reduced from 9 to 6 bar.

Listen to more about the V&A Waterfront water saving techniques:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : V&A Waterfront sucks it up and uses sea water to keep cool #WaterWatch



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