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There's bad news for Capetonians this winter as it's thought the current water restrictions could extend well into next year.

In addition to below average rainfall in April and even lower rainfall predicted for winter, several desalination plants which should already be up and running, aren't yet in operation.

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EWN Reporter Kaylynn Palm, visited the sites of various desalination projects and says the City of Cape Town still cannot confirm when they will be ready to go online.

We have made enquiries and we have spoken to the acting Mayor yesterday and he too cannot confirm when exactly these plants will go on line.

Kaylnn Palm, EWN Reporter

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What we do know is that the Standfontein Palnt was due to go on line on the 21 March and the Monwabisi Plant was due to go on 6 April and these two disselination plants are obviously delayed and have not been on line yet.

Kaylnn Palm, EWN Reporter

Listen below to the full interview:

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