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As level 4 water restrictions loom, City of Cape Town's Gisela Kaiser told delegates at the Africa Utility Week held at the CTICC on Wednesday that the City is now “waiting on a miracle”.

Kaiser says there was no way they could have reasonably anticipated the severity of this drought which is said to be the worst drought in Cape Town in 100 years.

She told delegates the city is doing everything it can to serve almost 4 million people, “bearing in mind that Cape Town is a water scarce region and SA is the 31st driest country in the world”.

The average storage across the province is currently on 19% as of 17 May.

The City of Cape is looking at introducing Level 4 water restrictions which would ban all use of municipal water for outside and non-essential use and limit residents to 100 litres of water per person, per day.

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To know more about the current water restrictions visit the City's website.

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : "We are waiting on a miracle” - city official on Cape Town drought



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