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With current water shortages due to drought, questions have been asked about the water runoff from Table Mountain and why is it not properly managed and captured during the winter months to solve the water problems.

Dr Peter Johnston, applied climatologist, says the water flowing from the mountains is not enough to start making plans to build dams to store it.

He says those that are lucky enough to have the water pass by their properties can actually pump it and use it to water their gardens. The city is using some of that water to water plants and for other things, says Johnston.

There are a whole lot of springs on the eastern side of the mountain and some of the breweries use over 90% of the water for making beer.

Dr Peter Johnston, applied climatologist

None of them are feasible for the large supply of the city.

Dr Peter Johnston, applied climatologist

Well it is understandable that when people see the water rushing down the river they say what a waste, can't we make use of it.

Dr Peter Johnston, applied climatologist

Cape Town residents are still consuming more water above the municipality’s target of 800 million litres per day.

Concerned about water on the mountain going to waste? Johnston gives tips of what to do with it, listen below:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Why we can't use water from the mountains to solve our water problems



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