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In these drought-stricken times, we are all trying to save water.

Donnachadh McCarthy is an eco-auditor, environmental journalist and author in the UK. He wrote an article in The Guardian about why he only showers once a week...and why you should do so too.

The article has gone viral, and CapeTalk's John Maytham chatted to him about his premise.

McCarthy explains that he sink washes every day using a basin of water and showers once a week (and does not smell).

He insists that most of the bacteria causing body odour is found under one's arms...and says he washes his pits daily.

Why use 80 litres of water when a half litre to a litre can do the job instead?

Donnachadh McCarthy, environmental journalist and author

Listen to McCarthy explain why this system works perfectly well...

This article first appeared on 702 : Why you should only shower once a week (and sink wash inbetween)



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