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Former police sniper Leo Prinsloo was escorting high-value cargo on the N4 in Pretoria when brazen armed robbers opened fire on his armoured security vehicle last month.

Dashcam footage showing Prinsloo and his colleague Lloyd Mthombeni during the attempted highway heist has been spreading on social media.

Prinsloo, a member of the security firm Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions, has been hailed by South Africans for his skills, bravery and nerves of steel during the attempted robbery.

He previously served on the SAPS Special Task Force for 12 years before joining the private security industry as a training instructor.

CapeTalk was unable to speak to Prinsloo directly due to an ongoing investigative process.

The director of Fortis Pro Active Defence Solutions, Deon Coetzee, tells CapeTalk that Prinsloo and Mthombeni are in good spirits after the incident.

According to Coetzee, an increasing number of companies are arranging tactical training for their security personnel to safeguard courier vehicles and cash-in-transit vans.

The vehicle that Leo was driving was not carrying the cellphones. It was the escort vehicle to another vehicle, a well-known courier company in South Africa that was carrying the cellphones.

Deon Coetzee, Director - Fortis Pro-active Defence Solutions

He was trying to get themselves out of the line of fire and also get to the vehicle with the actual goods in.

Deon Coetzee, Director - Fortis Pro-active Defence Solutions

The moment you are in that situation and people start shooting at you, you obviously want to live. That's when you have to fight for your life.

Deon Coetzee, Director - Fortis Pro-active Defence Solutions

Listen to Deon Coetzee on The Morning Review with Lester Kiewit:

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Bad*ss driver in heist video was escorting courier van carrying high-value goods

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