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  • A group of Grade 12 pupils in the Western Cape will soon sit for a historic exam paper

  • The learners will be the first matrics in Africa to write a final Grade 12 marine sciences exam

  • Boitumelo Medupe from South Peninsula High School is one of those pupils

Grade 12 pupil Boitumelo Medupe is one of the Western Cape matriculants who will write Africa's first-ever matric final paper on marine sciences.

Medupe and 11 other learners began their journey three years ago when chose marine science as a subject in Grade 10.

Now the group of learners will be the first marine sciences class to reach matric finals in South Africa and on the continent.

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Since it is the first time for the marine sciences exam, there are no previous question papers for the pupils to use in preparation.

Medupe, who is fascinated by marine life, says she has applied to study Oceanography at UCT or Marine Sciences at CPUT next year

As a young woman of colour, the teen says she hopes to change the face of the marine sciences field.

She says her father, who was a former crew member on a navy vessel who is now a warrant officer for the SAPS Sea Border Unit, sparked her interest in the underwater world.

"I believe that there are many places in the sea that aren't explored enough", she tells CapeTalk.

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I saw it as an opportunity and I knew it would open new doors for me.

Boitumelo Medupe, Grade 12 pupil

I also saw it as an opportunity... I know that many people of colour and women are not in the field of marine science, so I kind of saw it as a way of change.

Boitumelo Medupe, Grade 12 pupil

My father used to work in the Navy so I think I got inspired by him... He always used to tell me about the see and he loved exploring and travelling... I think that in a way motivated me.

Boitumelo Medupe, Grade 12 pupil

This article first appeared on CapeTalk : Cape learners make history as first matrics in SA to write marine sciences final

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