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Wedding fever, teen angst and a biographical drama — What to watch this weekend

EB Inglis has you covered with his weekly list of what to watch this weekend.

Have you heard Calum Scotts inspirational song 'Rise' yet?

The multi-platinum-selling singer-songwriter released the uplifting track in October last year.

Listeners spill industry secrets in the field they work in

EB Inglis asks listeners to share their industry secrets from current or former jobs.

UK piloting a four-day workweek with at least 30 companies taking part

The six-month trial is set to kick off in June this year with employees salaries and benefits unchanged.

Whackhead's Prank: The camel toe podiatrist

Whackhead Simpson calls an American podiatrist to help fix his wife's embarrassing issue.

What's Happening at the Courthouse? Unpaid wages and maintenance owed

Rameez Khan returns with his popular Kfm Mornings feature, 'What's Happening at the Courthouse' where he makes his way to courthouses across Cape Town to hear their stories.

Listeners reveal essential things they forgot to pack for their holiday

From braai meat, passports to a cooler bag — EB Inglis asks listeners to share important things people forgot to pack for their trip.

Read this before you post pictures of your kid on social media

Social Media Expert, Emma Sadleir shares tips with parents about posting photos of their kids on social media.

Listeners share strange town names in the Western Cape

Paleisheuwel, Aggenbagskraal, Kanolskop — we'd love to know the origin stories for these one-of-a-kind Western Cape towns.

5 things teachers want all parents to know

The Flash Drive's Carl Wastie hands the mic to teachers ahead of the new school year.

Listeners share unusual items on their kid's stationery list

School supplies have evolved from ordinary exam pads and HB pencils to include items that leave many of us baffled.

Whackhead's Prank: Mature man looking for love on Gumtree

Whackhead Simpson responds to a dating ad on Gumtree.

My father (50) is dating a 25-year-old — Is it love or is she after his money?

It's group therapy on Kfm Mornings where Darren reads a message from a listener and asks everyone to share their sage advice.

Protect your hair from the summer heat with these expert tips

With the current soaring temperatures in Cape Town, Tracey Lange turns to Lameez Thomas for tips on how to protect your tresses from the heat.

Get in the right mindset before making an important decision

One of the worst things you can do for your own personal growth is making a decision when you are feeling hopeless, defeated and down, says Lucia Dramat.

Does the 'One' really exist? Esther Perel says not in the way you think

Not one person can give you everything you need and desire, says the famous relationship expert.

Senseless Survey: Why do the Ninja Turtles wear masks?

Darren "Whackhead" Simpson calls up a random person and asks a range of silly questions to see how long before the man hangs up.

WhatsApp rolling out nifty voice note update

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is set to roll out a nifty update to its voice messaging functionality.